A dinner at the Lawson Park Hotel

After 5 years of Australia, today we made it to go visit Mudgee. To have dinner we decided to try an Australian landmark pub: The Lawson Park Hotel.
 In the middle of the fields, this long-established pub, born in 1860, prize-winning and prestigious for meat quality, left us astonished.

The chef, Stefano Burlando, delighted us with a very special set menu. We chose 3 starters to share. Then, the awesome main courses were worth of a royal banquet. All the food was fresh and extremely tasteful, but be aware that portions are abundant.
The Shrimp Fettuccine were praiseworthy, same as the the Ravioli. However, what really dazzled our mouths were the Squid Ink Orecchiette with Mussels. The intense flavour nicely caught us.

The pub is suitable for any kind of event: party, company dinner, beer with friends or romantic dinner. The spaces of the venue are very well organised.
The Beer Garden in the back is the real jewel of this very pleasant restaurant. The fireplace in the entrance is very welcoming, making you feel home.

The owner of the Lawson Park Hotel, Tony Brown, welcomed us in a very friendly and familiar way: his genuine smile really conquest us.
After having had some appetizers composed of different qualities of cheese and local-seasoned prosciuttos, we had been taken to another space, already very crowded. A beautiful dry-aged room of very high quality shows immediately the real deal of the house. The exposed meat were top-level. You are invited to check it out with your eyes. A peculiar feature of the venue is the chance to cook on the BBQ your preferred pick meat.

The following Tagliata was a delicacy. The meat tenderness was just perfect and the taste revealed all the prize worth.
 The Ceasar Salad was rich, due to the homemade mayonnaise and the bread just toasted.
The gorgeous selection of locals wines enriched the beautiful night. We had a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon for the dinner, which were great matches.

The waitress who attended us was very nice, prepared and professional. Always smily and ready, she has never been intrusive or monotonous.

Our compliments goes to the Chef to bring this touch of Italy where there was not much of Italian culture. This good mix of Australian and Italian traditions is really amazing and we certainly think that we will see more great improvement in the future.
The passion that the Chef put in what he create is palpable and we wish them all the best. We are pretty sure that the Owner bet on the right horse.

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