Lets Go Planet is a multi-service platform for travellers

Want to travel for holiday or to move and start a new experience abroad? Lets Go Planet is the right place where to start. Just chose your dream destination and find all the information you need to plan your adventure: tips about the main cities, the climate, the visa you may need, how to deal with money and much more!

All of Lets Go Planet services are divided in three big categories: Lets Study, Lets Eat, Lets Travel.
These involves migration and student consultants, tour operators and a big directory where to find deals, offers and promotions of the place where you are or where want to be!

The three values of Lets Go Planet are Customer Focus, Teamwork and Transparency.

Why Lets Go Planet?

Because Lets Go Planet is professional!

We provide a professional service. Our consultants have years of experience in the student consulting industry. In addition, we are all experienced travellers who explored Australia and moved here to enjoy the Australian lifestyle. Therefore, we are the right partner to answer all of your questions when it comes to moving abroad.

Because Lets Go Planet is customer focused!

We aim to create the best experience for every single customer by making things easy. No matter if you want to travel, study or eat! Our consultants deliver a quality service by listening to the customers’ goals and needs.

Because Lets Go Planet is transparent!

Our goal is to keep all our services transparent and easy to understand. We believe that transparency is the pillar of every trustworthy relationship to prevent miscommunication and support reliability for all parties.

Because Lets Go Planet works as a team!

We believe that cooperation between team members and our partners is essential. We recognize, respect and appreciate the cultural differences within the team and encourage everyone to maximize their potential. Our consultants speak several languages, to provide easy assistance when needed.

Because Lets Go Planet is the travelmate you didn’t expect!

We don’t take you to your dream destination and then leave you all by yourself! Check out our directory to find current offers and deals and our calendar of events, seminars, parties and much more! We want to make sure that you will never get bored again!