Christmas in Australia

Are you tired of the Christmas Northern hemisphere traditions?

If you are planning to spend your Christmas Holiday in Australia get ready to celebrate the festive season tasting tiger prawns on the beach, or singing jingle bells while eating al fresco with relatives and friends. The festive season down under is a unique experience, characterized by a mix of European traditions, Australian’s creativity and a much warmer weather than what you get used in the North hemisphere during winter.

That is the point: because the seasons are opposite to Europeans, Australians celebrate Christmas on December 25 during summer vacation. As Christmas falls in summer, Australians prefer spending time outside rather than watching television inside or playing cards as the Europeans use to do because of the cold.

So keep in mind that doesn’t matter in which Australian cities you will spend your Christmas Holiday if you want to follow the Australian traditions you need to do things outside. You can enjoy a grilled meal outdoor cooked on the barbie, as Aussie called the barbeque, or maybe surf dressing your Santa hat.

The luckiest of you will sail on the ocean, others will ride bicycles exploring the magnificent parks that characterize cities like Melbourne or Sydney.
Having a walk on the streets during Christmas Holiday will probably make you smile while looking at the crazy decorations put up by families on their homes and gardens. Neighbors use to have competitions to see who has got the best light display. Aussies love sparkles so much that Christmas time has become an obsession for some families who want to impress you by constructing the most spectacular lighthouse and garden. The lights are also one of the greater attraction on the CBD of the main Australian cities. The streets sparkle with Christmas lights, a whiff of Christmas trees and sound like Christmas carol.

However, what will probably and pleasantly impress you about Christmas Day Down Under, is the high temperature. The heat will melt any memories of snowfall or sub-zero temperatures! After grabbing the factor 50 from the local pharmacy, you will decide to go to the closest beach, forgetting the old-time the tradition of your original country. Unlike Europeans, it is inevitably standard practice for Australians to spend their Christmas on the sand. Bondi Beach in Sydney on Christmas Day hosted a party in the Pavilion, with bar, DJs, food, and entertainment from noon to 10 pm, while family groups enjoying the
alcohol-free beach outside. Same scenario in St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, where for the past years both internationals and locals have celebrated Christmas Day together while waiting for the sunset.

Christmas Grinches, you will be deluded discovering how much the Land Down Under cares about Christmas festivity: Carols always complete the holiday season! In Melbourne the traditional Carols by Candlelight sees crowds gather in parks and outdoor venues to listen to carols sung by candlelight. Also, Sydney hosts a similar event, Carols in the Domain. Grinches, you will disappoint even more realizing
how strong is the Aussie families tradition for the Christmas dinner. While some people prefer the usual roast turkey or ham, the Christmas pudding, and the Pavlova, other families head for the backyard barbie to grill their Christmas dinner in the sunshine. In both of the cases, enjoy your meal!

It is quite evident there are heaps of reasons to spend Christmas in Australia at least once in life.

The Aussie traditions, even if are inspired by European customs, have been altered to suit the climate and the final results is a magic atmosphere on a beach bliss. Even if you can not make your usual snowmen, why do not try your luck with sandmen?