A fascinating country.

Discovered in 1770 by Captain Cook, Australia was a place far away and so different to everything known in the world at the time. The southern continent attracted millions of people who were chasing new dreams.

It is not surprising that even nowadays, Australia maintains its new world charm, because of a unique landscape and exotic animals. These characteristics also earned Australia the nickname “Land of Kangaroos”.

But the continent has so much more to offer. The Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, the Australian iconic red rock in the centre of the country, endless beaches and major cities along the east and west coast and a unique lifestyle that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Australia is a modern, multicultural, and yet happy and welcoming place and never ceases to amaze!

Places in Australia

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Lets Study in Australia: English Courses

Gain proficiency in English language is the goal of everyone, but it is tough to achieve it just by studying. One of the best way to learn to speak properly is moving to some English-speaking country and practice it. Australia is one of the best place where to move, even though it is a popular belief that Aussie English has …

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Lets Eat in Australia

The huge immigration which affected this country during the centuries, was involved in the creation of a very mixed gastronomy. Actually, migrant people always take with them their traditional dishes. This way, Australia, being a melting pot of cultures, has become a miscellaneous of hundreds of different culinary traditions from all over the world. Restaurants can satisfy all the tastes: from [...] Continue reading