Brisbane is a very liveable and people-oriented city. Here art, culture, fun and adventure merge in a perfect synergy, offering an infinity of attractions.

Brisbane, with its 2 million inhabitants, is ranked third among Australia’s most populated cities and first as the most populated city in Queensland. This city holds the same name of the river that crosses, it also named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of New South Wales.
The climate is subtropical, with hot-humid summers and dry and moderately warm winters.
Brisbane, likewise other Australian metropolises, offers an infinity of attractions. In this city, art, culture, fun and adventure merge in a perfect synergy.
Brisbane is a very livable and people-oriented city. It is a clean and polite city that meets the expectations of any kind of tourist.

South Bank is the heart of the city and features artificial beaches and palm trees, a perfect spot where to relax during summer. Thousands of people come here every summer, to enjoy the fine sand, the artificial swimming pools and refreshment facilities all over the area.
The CBD (Central Business District) is easily reachable walking and with public transports: here is plenty of hospitality venues and shops, where to find souvenirs of this land, such as boomerang, stuffed kangaroo and koala, and the typical Aussie dark leather cow boy hat.

The Story Bridge is definitely worth a visit. It crosses the river and connects the northern side with the southern suburbs. And yet, this bridge is an extreme attraction, since it can be climbed! It is 74 meters high and 777 meters long: it was inaugurated in 1940 and became part of the national heritage.

An other obligatory stopover is Anzac Square, designated as a World Heritage Site in October 1992. It is found amidst imposing skyscrapers and commemorates all Queenslanders who participated in overseas battles.

Art and culture are highly valued in the city. There are many important museums, such as the Museum of Queensland, Museum of Brisbane, Opal Museum and the Queensland Maritime Museum. All of them easily accessible by public transport.

Fortitude Valley

One of the most recommended places for the nightlife is the Fortitude Valley. It is also called “Valley” for its rough and, at the same time, sophisticated lifestyle. This is also reflected in the outfits of the local people: ladies evening dresses go along with an off-beat style. Along the valley are located clubs with open areas where to dine, dance, drink a good cocktail and watch matches.
However, is better to not forget that Queensland has strict laws: it is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground and leaving venues with drinks.

West End

The West End is a characteristic area of the city that sounds like multicultural mergers, street food, antiques markets and sunlight exhibitions.
It attracts thousands of tourists. Here lives also a big hippie community, whose people have long and colourful hair, old-fashioned jackets and fascinating personal stories which are worth listening to.
Here can be found also a lot of Aboriginal people, who feel like being in their comfort zone, far from the noise of the city.

Mount Coot-tha Lookout

Just outside the city, there is the Brisbane Forest Park, an big area which include the Mount Coot-tha Lookout. This is a magnificent panoramic viewpoint that offers a breath-taking panorama of the city of Brisbane, both during the day and at night. Here nature lovers will find hiking trails and refreshment points in the wild!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Only 12 km away from the city, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary offer the opportunity to get in touch with the typical fauna of this boundless territory: kangaroos, koalas, wallaby, Tasmanian devils and many other curious animals.
It is allowed to cuddle the kangaroos that roam freely in the park: they are tame and love to be the co-protagonists of tourists’ selfies! Here is also possible to cuddle koalas, in designated areas supervised by park guides. The experience is definitely worth it and unforgettable!