Perth is wild and isolated, but yet modern and up-to-date. The "city where the sun always shines" features a good mix of nature, culture and entertainment.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia.
It has a temperate climate: experts classify the Perth area as a Mediterranean climate.
It was founded about 300 years ago as a colony on the Swan River, when the first galleys were brought here: actually, they built two of the most beautiful palaces in the city: the Government House and the Town Hall.

Perth is one of the cities where the sun always shines, but not only. It is also known to be Australia’s most isolated city: just think that the nearest village is 2700km away and it’s Adelaide.

Perth is wild and isolated, but yet modern and up-to-date: skyscrapers and buildings from the current century do not contrast with landscapes that seem to be painted on canvas. Absolutely worth a visiting.

The isolation fact does not mean that there is nothing to do!
Perth offers nice walks in Kings Park and Botanic Garden, where nature offers a breath-taking view of the bay. The ideal place to spend a few hours in complete relaxation, have a nice picnic and be transported by the enchanting glimpses of sunset.

Elizabeth Quay is one of the most popular meeting places for citizens and tourists, with a characteristic small harbour overlooking the banks of the Swan River, which offers a 360° view of the city despite its continuous evolution. This is a place where to relax or take part in the many activities that animate this urban context.

The suggestive scenery changes, depending on the time you visit it. During daytime, the sunlight reflecting on skyscrapers gives a modern vision of the city, while in the evening, thousands of lights will offer a romantic and evocative vision.
There is plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants in the city, as well as pubs where have fun with friends. Most of these venues are located in the areas of William Street, James Street, Aberdeen Street and Parker Street.

Art galleries and museums are some of the city attractions: among the most important there are the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Scitech, Western Australia Museum and the Nostalgia Box Museum. The latter is a very particular one, dedicated to video game lovers.

For those who prefer sand and the ocean, Perth features Cottesloe Beach, famous for its beautiful sunsets, its restaurants along the Marine Parade, and known as the ideal place where to snorkel and dive.
In addition to Cottesloe Beach, there are also Scarborough Beach, Perth City Beach, Trigg Island and Sorrento Beach.

The Zoo

For those who feel the call of nature, a trip to the Perth Zoo is a must: this is located a few minutes from the centre, where both local fauna and animals from all over the world can be found. The well-maintained spaces and the attention that animals are treated with, rank it among the best zoos of the country.

The Fremantle Prison

People who love the stories about convicts must visit the Fremantle Prison, it is exactly there where Australians and British criminals have lived for more than 130 years.
There’s the chance to experience the thrill of a night tour! Many people find this experience an adrenalin flowing: for thriller enthusiasts it is possible to wander in the heart of the night within secret passages and cramped cells listening to disturbing stories.

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is the ideal place to visit if you want to learn more about the fusion of gold, it is visited with great interest by thousands of tourists every year.
Everything is made more fascinating by demonstrations to admire this precious metal during all the phases of the process.


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