This Halloween give yourself a treat! Start an English Course for only 210 $ per week and study in the stunning location of Bondi! This promotion is valid until November 10. To know more about the courses included in the promotion, contact us at or through the form below. Don’t miss this terrific opportunity!

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Lets Study in Australia: English Courses

Gain proficiency in English language is the goal of everyone, but it is tough to achieve it just by studying. One of the best way to learn to speak properly is moving to some English-speaking country and practice it. Australia is one of the best place where to move, even though it is a popular belief that Aussie English has …

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Lets Eat in Australia

The huge immigration which affected this country during the centuries, was involved in the creation of a very mixed gastronomy. Actually, migrant people always take with them their traditional dishes. This way, Australia, being a melting pot of cultures, has become a miscellaneous of hundreds of different culinary traditions from all over the world. Restaurants can satisfy all the tastes: from [...] Continue reading  

Lets Travel in Australia

Australia covers an area of 7.617,110 km² and is the largest continent in Oceania, and the sixth largest in the world. Most of the country is desert and the population, with only 24 million inhabitants is mostly located on the coast. Nonetheless, Australia has a very diverse territory, that can satisfy different types of traveller: excursion in the nature, on-the-road trip, cultural holidays and even [...] Continue reading  

A dinner at the Lawson Park Hotel

The chef, Stefano Burlando, delighted us with a very special set menu. We chose 3 starters to share. Then, the awesome main courses were worth of a royal banquet. All the food was fresh and extremely tasteful, but be aware that portions are abundant. The Shrimp Fettuccine were praiseworthy, same as the the Ravioli. However, what really dazzled our mouths [...] Continue reading  

RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning

Who decide to move to Australia in order to attend an educational course, may have already developed some abilities or have learnt some skills through his previous study or work experiences. The RTOs, the Registered Training Organisations who are allowed to provide Vocational Education Training (VET), valuate the future student’s potential previous learning, acquired in theoretical or practical ways, in …

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Student Health Insurance

When deciding to move to Australia, health insurance might not be the first issue one may think, while it is a quite important matter. One has to consider that in a long period of time, accident and disease may always happen, so it is better to be ready and covered, just in case. Without an health insurance, the medical costs …

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Bank Account in Australia

To open a bank account in Australia is extremely simple and it is certainly one of the very first things to do when moving here. In Australia, ATMs are easy to find anywhere and there are no minimum price to reach in order to pay with credit or debit card. Australian debit cards allow to pay as a credit, working …

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