Farm Job

Working in the Farm represents a unique and life changing experience to get to know the nature of true Australian culture. 

Working on the Farm for 88 working days allows you to renew your Working Holiday Visa for a second year. The general rule is that you have to do 88 days of farm work to be able to apply for a second working holiday visa  but In case you take a break for a while or do your farm work in various locations, only the days you actually work count, therefore you must be able to accumulate 88 working days. 

From January 2020 it’s also possible to extend your second working holiday visa. The general rules imply that that you need to complete 6 months (179 days minimum) in a regional area during your second year- with the same work criteria as the first year. 

You need to do your farmwork in a regional area- everywhere outside the cities of Sydney, Woolongong, Newcastle,Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Perth. This is everywhere outside the biggest cities in each state, and the entire states of South Australia, Tasmania, and Northern Territory.

The experience in the farm can be different from a person to another. It can be very tiring for someone or a life experience for someone else. It requires commitment and depending on the job it could be heavy work and wake up call very early in the morning. 

Usually, if you are lucky to get a good hourly wage, you will also be able to save some money since often and willingly outside working hostels and farms there is not much life.

You will certainly meet many people and make good friends with your work colleagues.

In the evening especially after the working day before going to sleep, it is customary to gather around the fire, (obviously where possible) to sip “good” Goon (cheap Australian wine),  perhaps after feasting on a delicious Australian BBQ.

Here are some tips for your farm adventure:

Get organized in time to find the farm. Getting organized in advance will avoid bad surprises. Ask for information on dedicated groups on social networks and on the Harvest Guide, which you can download for free at this link. Inside the guide you will find all the useful information about the farms and working hostels.

Verify that the company is suitable for you to renew your visa by ensuring that you receive the right reward by complying with the legal provisions of the Australian Immigration Department and the Tax Office.
Find accommodation near the farm where you find work or search directly for a Working Hostel. In Australia they work quite well as they already have contacts with nearby farms and help backapackers find job opportunities. Many of them have agreements with the farms and even organize daily transport from the hostel to the farm thus helping both the farm, finding staff, and the backpacker looking for work.
Have fun! Let yourself go to the surrounding environment and remember that it will be an experience that you will always carry in your heart! Testing yourself in the Australian Outback will surely give you an extra gear to take with you on your trip!