Lets Study in Australia: English Courses

Gain proficiency in English language is the goal of everyone, but it is tough to achieve it just by studying. One of the best way to learn to speak properly is moving to some English-speaking country and practice it.

Australia is one of the best place where to move, even though it is a popular belief that Aussie English has a difficult accent and a weird slang. Truth is, Australian English is much more similar to British English then other English slangs, including also the American one. Moreover, in the English schools work mother-tongue professors, coming from different english-speaking countries, so that the students get used to the sound of different accents.

The English schools offer a wide range of courses, to help the student reach any level needed.

General English

General English courses are the ones that give the basics of english grammar in order to be able to have a correct conversation with native people, while working and in everyday life.

The General English courses are divided in five levels.

  • Beginner: people who have never studied english.
  • Pre-Intermediate: people who studied English as a subject at school only.
  • Intermediate: people who have a good understanding of written English and a discrete understanding of spoken English.
  • Upper Intermediate: people who are already autonomous in writing and speaking
  • Advanced: people who already have an high level of proficiency and want to refine it.

On the very first day of school, the students have to undergo an English level test and then, are divided in groups.

Usually the General English courses last 12 weeks, since this is considered the time needed to reach the upper level.
However, the course length is not imposed: every course can be tailored for the student, if requested. Courses starts every four weeks and classes are held both in morning-time or evening-time.

Test Preparation Courses

There are courses which aim to prepare the student for certificate’s tests: the certificates are IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL. People who are willing to apply to VET (Vocational & Educational Training) or University courses, must provide one of the first two certificates. The latter one is required by the United States educational institutions. The three exams are equipollent and have to be chosen depending on the requirement of the school one is interested in.

To access these preparation courses it is compulsory to have an Intermediate English level: a pre-test is held on the first school day, to check the eligibility for the preparation course. For this reason, if one is not confident, it is recommended to attend first a General English course. At the same time, if someone is already proficient in English language, he can take the exams even without attending any course. However, preparation courses are not to learn the language, but preparatory for the exams. IELTS, Cambridge and TOEFL tests are made of four parts:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

The required level for a University courses is usually quite high (C1-C2), meaning that the student have to score 7 or up in the language tests. This is the reason why the courses are tailored on the single individual, depending on his level and goal. A certified high level of English proficiency is useful even for the work career, and very appreciate by employers.

Costs are very variable and depends on the type of course: intensive, part-time, one-to-one, group, class or online. Exams have their own fees, to be calculated separately from the course costs.