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Want to get a $100 vaucher? Here’s how.
Introduce a friend and get $100 Shopping Gift Card

Studying is more fun with friends and with this offer it’s a lot more rewarding too! We’re giving you $100 Shopping Gift Card to thank you for introducing someone you know to Lets Go Planet. Do you have a friend who’d like to stay longer in Australia and needs help to find the most suitable course?

Perhaps you have a partner or a relative who’d like to enrol in the same course you are currently doing or you have completed. There’s never been a better time to tell them about Lets Go Planet. Simply fill in the form on this page and get on your way to 100 Shopping Gift Card!

How to Receive your $100 Shopping Card
Referring a friend is easy and only takes a minute. All you need to do is introduce your mate to Lets Go Planet by filling in the form on this page and we will be in touch with them shortly to see if they’re interested and eligible.

One of our friendly consultant will assess your friend case and will provide options with no obligation to join the courses recommended. If they do decide to apply for a minimum 12 months course, and your friend visa will be granted we’ll reward you with a $100 Shopping Gift Card.

Terms & Conditions
You must fill in the Refer a Friend section to introduce your friend to Lets Go Planet. Referred members will not be back dated. You must be introducing your friend as a first time new Member to Lets Go Planet.

Your Reward is given once the Referred Student visa will be granted. For full terms and conditions go to Refer a Friend Program November 2019 Terms & Conditions

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