Here you can find some information you may need in order to plan your transfer to Australia.

The first thing you will have to care about when planning to move to Australia is the Visa on which you will enter the country. Australia offer a number of visas you can apply to, depending on the purpose of your entry to the country. The most popular visas are the Working Holiday and the Student one, but these are only two of the many.

If your may concern about moving to Australia is the accommodation, Lets Go Planet can help you even with this matter. We hold agreement with many hospitality and estate agencies partner. In our directory you will find the best deals in hostels and hotels, and in every city, an explanation of the best and most suitable residential suburbs for your needing.

No matter what is the reason why you decide to move to Australia, you will have to open an Australian Bank Account. You will most likely be working (even during studies), therefore earning money. The Australian Banks are many, and you will have to chose one depending on the different features, such as the distribution on the territory and the interests.

Talk with us if you are planning to move to Australia! We can help you realising your dream!