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Australia has a very efficient and prestigious educational system, and future students have a million of chances to chose among. You may be interested in improve your English language, or learn new skills that may boost your future career, or even gain an actual Australian University degree. English schools, VET – Vocational Education & Training courses, and Universities have their doors open to welcome you!

If you want to move here as a student, you must hold a Student Visa – subclass 500. There is not limit of age for this visa. It is granted by the Government to any applicant who is compliant with the requirements and presents all the requested documentation. The Student Visa allows you to live and work in Australia for all the length of the selected studies. The working hour, however, are subject to limitations, which are a maximum of 20 hours per week during school time, and 40 hours per week during school breaks.

In order to move here has a student you will be required to have e a student health insurance to cover you for all the length of your studies, meaning, all the time that you will live in Australia. This special health insurance for students is called OSHC – Overseas students Health Cover, and is issued by different Insurances agencies
To learn more about the OSCH visit our Student Health Insurance page!

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