You are planning your Australian journey and looking for informations to be prepared for any contingency? Here you can find all the informations you need, and if in need, you will always find someone to answer your questions!

While packing your suitcase, you will have to remember what you can or can’t bring to Australia, in order to not be stopped at the customs & quarantine of the Airport. These are world wide renowned to be quite strict, so better do not mess with them!

In your trip in Australia you may be interested in visiting both see both the cities and the outback! Therefore you will need to know how transport work in this country. The cities have their own public transport card (Opal in Sydney, MyKey in Melbourne,…) that make it very easy to wander around and visit the towns. There are also very good mobile apps to help you walking around and get you on the right way to visit the cities properly! Instead, if you’re planning a trip on-the-road, you may be interested in coaches or in renting a car.

Is there a place you really don’t want to miss on your Australian trip? Check our directory, you may find a good deal to visit that place at a great price! In our the directory, travel offer and tour packages are on the agenda, and will take you incredibly stunning places!