Move to Australia to work is very tempting and it is the perfect place where to gain work practice to fill your resume with! Australia is a very advanced and rich country, with a quite hight minimum wage, able to offer opportunities to everyone. Moreover, it is English-speaking and very work-oriented, becoming the perfect place where to make work experience!

If your aim is making some good practical work experience abroad, Australia is the place for you! Depending on your background and profession, you have a wide range of visa options to chose from. The most common and easiest to get is the Working Holiday Visa, but at the same time it could result limitative for certain professional.

In order to work in Australia as employee you will need a TFN – Tax File Number, which is a personal code issued by the Government that allows to work legally for an Australian employer. This code is compulsory for tax purposes.
However, if you’re planning to work as sole trader (such as entrepreneurs and free-lance worker) you will be required to open a ABN – Australian Business Number, you will need for tax purposes. In the end of the financial year, any worker is allowed to claim a Tax back.

If you are looking to gain some work experience in a specific field, since you would like to be formed in it or you already hold a qualification in it, you may be eligible to apply to an internship. Australian internships can be paid or not, depending on the type.