SOLO travelling

Some studies suggest that solo traveling is one of the most powerful things you can do for self-development, it suggests that by solo traveling you not only grow from experiences you wouldn’t do if you had to adapt to other people’s needs and wants but it states that you learn more about yourself, self-awareness, which in our opinion is the key to a happy life. But we get it, totally get it, the thought of traveling alone can be scary.

We want to share some of our top tips while considering traveling alone whether it was planned or maybe you planned a trip together with someone else and that person cancelled on you last minute and you are left with either calling for a refund yourself or pack your bag and get out there, probably on an adventure of a lifetime, you just don’t know it yet so here is a bag of encouragement, from us to you.

For us at Lets Go Planet, we look at life from the perspective that there is nothing more scary than growing old with regrets, so with that in mind it allows us to live a life full of experiences, you must agree it sounds a lot better right?