Lets Go Planet delivers consulting and services regarding moving abroad, in order to live, work, study and travel.

If your intention is to go living abroad, Lets Go Planet can help you dealing with all the issues you will have to face in pursuing your dream!

Before moving you will have to learn which visa you will need to live, work and study legally in the other country. Not always applying for visas is easy and immediate: for this reason Lets Go Planet offer a consultancy service to help you dealing with all the process of the application.

Lets Go Planet holds agreements with some banks and money transfer agencies, to manage your money properly and safely. You can learn more reading our Bank
Account page, and with a simple click, be redirected to the bank website to open the new bank account in one minute!

Regarding accommodation, Lets Go Planet works with many hospitality and estate agencies partner. In our directory you will find the best deals in hostels and hotels, and in every city, an explanation of the best and most suitable residential suburbs for your needing.

If you have any doubt or enquire, contact us through the form below! We will get back to you in no time!

Lets Go Planet is very experienced, but still, very young!
At the moment, we offer services for Australia only, but we will grow soon!