Student Health Insurance

When deciding to move to Australia, health insurance might not be the first issue one may think, while it is a quite important matter. One has to consider that in a long period of time, accident and disease may always happen, so it is better to be ready and covered, just in case. Without an health insurance, the medical costs would be very high. In order to avoid unwelcome surprises, the Government included as a compulsory requirement to apply for student visa, the possession of an health insurance to cover this unexpected medical expenses. The student visa, actually, do not provide the public Australian health insurance, named Medicare, which is instead guaranteed with other visas to given country and for a specific period of time

The health insurance for foreign students is called OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover and it has to last all the length of the course: it mainly gives the chance and tranquility to access the medical service in case of need while in Australia.

Lets Go Planet has agreements with three of the major Australian insurance agencies: Nib, Allianz and Bupa.


Nib is one of the best Australian insurance agencies, due to its experience of more then 60 years. It has a great customer service, available 24/7 and a good mobile app.
The Nib insurance satisfy the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) requirements, covers medical and hospital treatments in case of accidents or illness (subject to limitations) during the studying period in Australia and covers in case of ambulance transport, on all the Australian territory.
Thanks to this many advantages, Nib has more then a million clients in Australia and New Zealand.
(download brochure PDF)


Allianz is one of the most famous insurance agencies in the world, and in Australia it include the OSHC program.
The OSHC ensure the same coverage as Medicare: are actually 100% covered the medical consultations, hospital treatments, ambulance transportation. Medical prescriptions, pathology services, radiology, and prothesis are partially covered if part of the hospital treatment. It includes other services, subject to limitations, such as the 12 month waiting period: if in the first 12 month of permanence in Australia would arise needs due to previous medical conditions, even if unknown, the student will have to bear the total cost of the treatments.
Allianz OSHC has a well rated mobile app, called “My OSHC Assistant”.
(download brochure PDF)


Bupa insurance has an experience of over 65 years and offer an optimal assistance and support service to find solution in moments of need.
Bupa OSHC satisfy the Australian Government requirements to apply for student visa, covers unexpected situations that require medical and hospital treatments, and ambulance transport.
Pupa offers assistance through the mobile app, online and telephone 24/7, in many languages, not only for health issues (for example, even for taxes purposes). Moreover, Bupa membership allows to receive gym and cinema discounts.