Lets Go Planet delivers consulting and services regarding moving abroad, in order to live, work, study and travel.

If your dream is to study abroad, have a chat with a Lets Go Planet consultant and find out the easiest and best path to walk to reach your goal!

Among Lets Go Planet’s partners you will find some very good quality schools and prestigious universities. A consultant will help you choose the one that better suits needs and intentions, in order to give a boost to your skills and future career.

International student are often required to present documents in order to be totally entitled to study and live abroad legally. These are mainly a regular Student Visa and a compliant health insurance. The process to receive these documentation is not always immediate and easy, so leaning on a consultant can be really helpful and lift much of the stress.

Get in contact with Lets Go Planet today! One of our consultant will get back to you promptly!

Lets Go Planet is very experienced, but still, very young!
We offer services only for Australia at the moment, but we will grow soon!