Vocational Courses

We cooperate with numerous colleges, both public and private, that offer professional courses in various parts of the world.

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Professional Courses: WHAT?

Professional courses, commonly called VET (Vocational Education and Training), are mainly practical courses.

Many of the Vocational courses are really very useful for finding a job on the Australian territory as for many jobs they represent the sine qua non condition for hiring.

The possibility of using a Vocational course to undertake a migration path should also not be underestimated.

These courses are delivered through TAFE or private colleges. 

Study Areas

Beauty & Natural Therapy

Leadership & Management

Sport & Fitness

Building & Construction


Marketing & Communication


 It Computing

Visual Art

Food & Culinary Art

Childcare & Social Services

Travel & Tourism

International students who want to access a professional course must make sure that the provider is registered as CRICOS (register of accredited courses for international students).

The goal is therefore to train a professional even without the need to obtain a degree but by studying, for example, a diploma, within whose program specific activities are encouraged for the exercise of the profession.

Professional courses are divided into levels:

  • Certificate II
  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma

In some courses some levels are preparatory to others while in many others it is possible to directly access the Advanced Diploma without having to have the diploma as a pre-requisite.


1 – Language: An IELTS score of 5.5 is required or in many cases demonstrate that you have an intermediate level of English through an admission test.

2 – Previous academic path: To access Certificate II and III there are no formal requirements to be met. In soe cases it may be required to have at least attended the 3 year of high school. From Certificate IV onwards, however, it is necessary to have completed the Diploma (year 12 in Australia) in your country of origin.

3 – The third and final requirement is that of the Visa. With a simple Working Holiday Visa you can study up to a maximum of 17 weeks which are not enough to complete a professional course. It is therefore necessary to proceed with the application of a student visa that will cover the entire duration of the course!

Why choose a professional course

Timetable is very flexible and allows you to work while studying 

Payments are in installments

Many schools assist students in finding Internships or jobs

Many professional courses guarantee that you have recognized university credits (sometimes a whole year) and therefore make the whole course much cheaper

To carry out certain professions, it is necessary to have obtained the relevant qualification