Lets Go Planet delivers consulting and services regarding moving abroad, in order to live, work, study and travel.

Nowadays work experiences gained abroad are highly valued on the labour market. If you feel like moving to another country and find an occupation in the field that most fit your interests, Lets Go Planet can help you through the process.

Depending on the country you chose as destination, you will be requested of a visa, in order to be allowed to work legally. Here you can find informations regarding the visa needed and the allowances. In this way you will learn which one fits better your needs. Lets Go Planet consultant are ready to help you with the applications.

If you have a dream job you would like to do, and you already hold qualifications or skills, you may be interested in gaining some practice doing an internship abroad. Lets Go Planet can help you find the internship that best suits your intentions and skills.

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Lets Go Planet is very experienced, but still, very young!
We offer services only for Australia at the moment, but we will grow soon!